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St. Gallen Economics Club

Ad-Hoc Economics

Our mission is to build a bridge between public and academic economic discourse by bringing fresh perspectives to economic debates. We fulfill our mission by promoting an exchange of ideas between students, academics and thought leaders through interactive discussions, panels, study trips and conferences.

What we do
  1. Events

    AHE promotes an exchange of ideas between students, academics and thought leaders by organizing interactive discussions, panels and conferences with the aim of bridging the gap between theory and practice.

  2. Career

    Our ambition is to enhance various skills amongst our members including debating, presentation and diplomacy abilities. We help prepare our community for the labour market by bringing members in touch with future employers

  3. Ad-Hoc Reports

    In addition, our goal is to contribute to the public debate by publishing our own fresh perspectives and innovative ideas in rigorous but accessible “Ad-Hoc Reports”.

  4. Community

    AHE is a brand new student club at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and we would love for everyone enthusiastic about economics to become part of our club. Please get in touch with us if you want further information on how to get involved

Meet the Board

Membership  & Events

Ad-Hoc Economics is divided into three levels: the Board of Executives, Associates and Members. The Board is responsible for everything from running AHE on a day-to-day basis to establishing a long-term strategy. Each Executive oversees an area of the association, takes care of its development and implements the Board’s directives. The second level of AHE consists of Associates. Associates provide support for the Board and are assigned to special projects, ranging from organising panels to the development and maintenance of our corporate relations.

Our Members form the third level of AHE. Members can take advantage of all the benefits offered by AHE: informal gatherings, panels, study trips and much more. A key ingredient to the success of our initiative is the active participation of our Associates and Members. So if you would like to join us, drop us an email at adhoc.economics@gmail.com !

Contact and History
  1. SEP '18

    A group of HSG master students, the first AdHockers, meet at the University Pub to informally and passionately discuss politics and economics. One night they decide to join forces in a greater project

  2. OCT '18

    AdHockers meet on a cold October night to explore the possibility to found a student-led economics think tank at the University of St. Gallen

  3. NOV '18

    Ad-Hoc Economics is officially founded. The founding document and the statues are signed by the six founding members.

  4. JAN '19

    Ad-Hoc Economics is seeking official recognition by the University of St. Gallen (HSG).

Ad-Hoc Economics. Your Economics Club in St. Gallen.