Andrea Poinelli


I believe AHE should strive to explain economic challenges accessible, without renounce the beauty of complexity. I have developed my education between Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands. My future? Research and policy-making. Macroeconomic Fluctuations, Economic Integration and long-term growth are some of my current research interests.

Marco Baumann

Vice President - Head of Sponsorship & External Relations

My goal with AHE is to raise awareness among students on how the economy works and what policy makers can do to foster economic development. I am a German citizen and I am looking to pursue a career in the financial sector. My main areas of interest are Financial and Monetary Economics, International Economics and Politics.

Matthias Schubert

General Secretary - Club Treasurer

As club treasurer, I will strive to make sure that the club has the necessary funding in place to provide exciting opportunities for club members to improve their application of economic thought to real world issues. I am originally from Munich and I have a special interest in Incentive Theory and Behavioural Economics

Roberta Koch

Executive - Chief Editor & Head of Internal Relations

My aim with AHE is to offer students interested in economics a platform to meet each other and share ideas also outside of the classroom. Having already acquired my BA degree in Economics here in St. Gallen, I am an out and out HSG student. My main interests lay in Economic Journalism and International Trade.

Gustav Friberg

Executive - Head of Marketing

My aim with AHE is to encourage the sharing of solutions to regional economic issues in order to explore how those can be applied to overcome similar challenges in other places. I am a Swedish national but grew up in Luxembourg and my main areas of interest are Financial Markets & Migration Economics

Nino Girardi

Executive - Head of Events

My goal with AHE is to organize events that will be of value to everyone from experienced academics in the field to first-year students with an interest in economic policy. I am a Swiss national and I have a special interest in Pension Finance, Growth Economics and Development Economics.

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